Future Learning

FUTURE LEARNING are the learning spaces of tomorrow.

FUTURE LEARNING Flötotto’s educational initiative. Why do we deal with educational content as a school furniture manufacturer? It’s simple: just as pedagogical concepts are continuously being updated, we are continuously developing our furniture. Because our furniture actively supports students and teachers in doing their work.


Our FUTURE LEARNING platform brings all of the participants together: Students, educational facilities, architects, pedagogues, future researchers, designers, ergonomics experts and politicians. Together, we are developing the future of learning: Education 4.0.

What does the future of school look like?

Lessons have not been held in one single specific way for a long time. A unit generally consists of various, alternating phases. Tables and chairs are regrouped accordingly.

Customisable and cooperative. Dynamic and progressive. It offers space for active participation, dynamic communication, inspiring scene changes and targeted concentration and mediation. FUTURE LEARNING improves results where people and science come together.

8:15 AM

Flexible group workspaces can be created without a lot of effort for “learning workshops”.

11:00 AM

During the “instruction phase”, students’ full attention should be on the instructor, so the tables and chairs are arranged to face forward.

2:00 PM

The tables can be quickly pushed to the side. The most important thing: moving them around is as easy as pie and doesn’t make a lot of noise. The furniture is so robust, it will withstand every phase and every generation of students, guaranteed.

What that means for …


Schools of tomorrow won’t just be one thing or the other. Meeting rooms and classrooms of the future have to allow for every possibility: variety, individuality, cooperation and diversity of methods. What is interesting is: the more intensively such rooms are used, the higher the proportion of autonomous learning and working. This pertains to the individual lessons as well as the subject matter units or cooperation between the subjects. The important thing is: Independent work doesn’t automatically replace frontal instruction. The point is to supplement and provide variety; the teacher is and remains the central reference person and learning guide.



Learning becomes more individual and diverse for the students. They can withdraw to read or quietly ask the teachers a question. There are market squares in the halls between the classrooms. The students have interdisciplinary and crossclass discussions, work alone or together on projects. A small stage offers space for several classes to hold presentations or perform theatre scenes. There is even space for several classes to hold presentations.



The concept promotes and requires not only cooperative learning, but also collegial cooperation. Learning success is increased exponentially because knowledge is shared systematically. Projects are coordinated together and lessons and performance increases are synchronised. This form of cooperation ensures a high degree of comparability between classes and thus automatically ensures quality assurance. In freer-form lessons in the market squares, the role of the teachers expands. They become coaches that individually work with children to identify their strengths and successfully guide them on their individual learning paths. Lessons do not become less individual as a result of the concept; quite the contrary. The individual teacher remains the formative personality
with respect to the class’ work



In addition to the classrooms, every grade has a shared market square area. This creates a progressive discussion and learning environment which promotes active participation. The classrooms are equipped with several work surfaces to ensure work is organised. Smart boards and video projectors make lessons even more instructive. Since more and more material is procured digitally, the new MOVING BOARDS support the students in manually displaying learning results on a board or whiteboard. The results are simply hung into a circumferential aluminium rail anywhere in the classroom.